FTP information

   Uploading your files and web pages is a simple and painless process for the customer, follow these few steps and you will have your webpage's online for the world to see.

  1. Using any FTP transfer program you must connect to the MntnWeb FTP server, we recommend CuteFTP written by Alex Kunadze although you can use any FTP program you wish
  2. Our HOST name is mntnweb.com enter this name into the HOST ADDRESS dialog box
  3. Your FTP program will also have dialog box's for name and password, you must enter your own name and password into these dialog boxes
  4. Please note some FTP programs default to anonymous logins checkmarked deselect this item. You want NORMAL ftp login.
  5. After login you will be placed into your own directory you will have no access to other customers directory's or to system directory's
  6. When uploading files be aware that some FTP programs require you to select the transfer method for file types, you would pick ASCII for all text and HTML type files and Binary for all image or data files. CuteFTP will automatically select the transfer method for you
  7. You may also need to set your FTP program to PASV mode. This happens in some rare occurances.
  8. You may now do anything you wish in your own directory space. Upload your files, create directory's, delete files, delete directory's, etc.
  9. Remember this is a Windows NT based server system, you do not have to rename your files to an .HTML extension the standard 3 character .htm is sufficient
  10. If your files already have a .HTML extension you may leave them as is. Windows NT will use character names longer then the Dos 8.3 standard
  11. If you have transfered your files from other server companys you will have to edit your hitcounter, clock, forms as listed on our special technical pages
  12. You may now immediately view your files through any standard WWW browser to see the effects of your changes
  13. Please try to stay within your allotted file size restrictions, if you need a bit more space that is allowed, we cannot allow a 2 meg/month customer to upload 20 meg of files into their webspace.
  14. When finished with your FTP work simply select close, quit or exit from your FTP program
  15. If you need any further assistance please feel free to email us


Please note. Some ftp programs have problems uploading files. You may be able to login and see a directory structure, but you cannot upload files. If this happens to you, please open your FTP program and set the firewall security to PASV mode.

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