Web page Creator Page One

Welcome to the MntnWeb personal webpage creator program. With this program you will be able to design your very own webpage! all for the low price of only $25 per year,or we can scan your image for you for an additional $5 image scanning

   The operation is really very simple and anyone can design with this.This consists of two pages,you are now on page one,the file upload page. Page two will consist of designing the actual layout of your WebPage.
  On page two you will be able to pick items such as your heading placment,background image,text color,and image placment(top,bottom,left,right), you may wish to visit page two now to get an idea of what it will be like. Remember you MUST complete this page one first,so just look at page two if you wish,dont do anything there yet. Come back here when you are ready to upload your image.
Here are four webpage styles you may view.
[Image Left of page]  [Image right of page]  [Image above text]  [Image below text]

   You are now on page one,the File Upload page, here you will be able to browse your own harddrive, and pick out an image you would like to use for your business.  Some things you may wish to keep in mind.

  1. Do not pick an overly large image,it will take a long time to load the webpage and your customers will get bored waiting,a suggested size is under 100K image size
  2. Only .JPG image or .GIF images are allowed for uploading.
  3. On page two you may decide you want your image on the side of your webpage,If you use an image on the left side,you would want it to be a tall image,rather then a short fat wide image.
  4. PLEASE DO NOT forget the name of your image, you will have to reenter its name a 2nd time on page two. Only the name will need to be entered again on page two,not its location.
    (IE: dad.jpg only not C:/archives/dad.jpg)
  5. Pick a name for your image that is fairly simple to remember. For example picture.jpg or image.jpg or land.jpg This will save any grief for yourself.
$5 image scanning:   If you do not have a scanned image you may mail it to us and we will scan the image for you. Send your photo to     Kerry Barlow P.O. box 21 Kirkwood NY 13795
When we receive your photo we will scan it and place the image in the appropriate directoy. You may then go to page two and design your webpage using the scanned image.We will send you the image name thru your email account.

  Browse your harddrive now and click the Upload File button when you are ready.

File name
Submit Button
( Press this button to upload your file DO NOT FORGET YOUR FILE NAME. )