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  Many people find a hit page counter to be a pleasing and interesting addition to their web pages.  Companys find page counters to be a useful tool in determining customers access level and interest.  Virtual account members may also determine customers access levels by reviewing their access.log files.

This Counter program is built into the AOLserver which we use and runs up to 10 times faster then other companies counter programs.

  Adding a counter to your web pages need not be a difficult process, and we have attempted to make this as painless as possible.  Before we become involved in the discussion of fancy counters let us begin with a simple odometer style counter as you see above.  As your Server company we have taken much of the difficulty and messiness of CGI scripting out of your hands.  Now let us begin

  A hit counter can be placed into your web page by adding the proper HTML command into your document. The above command was invoked with the simple command as follows.

<img src="/NS/counter/counts.htm">

Explanation of commands

<img src="/NS/counter/counts.htm">

<IMG SRC=/NS/counter/ The counter uses the standard IMG SRC format,
and is located in the /NS/counter directory
counts.htm The name of your HTML /webpage file which you want to be counted.
You may use the counter on more then 1 webpage,simply remember to change the name to your webpage's name.

This is all that is necessary to use a hit page counter on our server. You may setup as many seperate counters for your web pages as you please.Simply change the filename in the <img src> command to reflect your new webpage.You may also place counters on webpages in your own subdirectories as needed.

For example if you had a directory called business and a webpage to be counted called accounts.htm you would invoke the Hit counter with the command    <img src="/NS/counter/business/accounts.htm">

Enjoy useing your hit counter to track statistics.

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