Create a stronger presence for your website on the Internet.

  Submit your website to 405 differant search engines.

  We will post your website to 567 differant search engines,and send you a copy of all search engines posted to. Some search engines will take 1-2 weeks for your link to become active. Also you should know that due to the complexity of the Yahoo directory it is highly recommended that you post your site to this directory by hand.

 We routinely update the list of active search engines on a weekly basis,this insures you a high level of active engines your site is being posted to! Our software will only post to the most current and active search engines and directories. Some other search engine programs claim a higher count of search engines,what they do not tell you is they never remove the old,outdated search engines from there listings!

 We provide a simple form for you to fill out with all of your companies information. This form is then emailed to us and upon receiving your payment will be processed within 3 working business days. Again please remember that some search engines take 1-2 weeks for the actual posting to go into there database. This is beyond our control.

 Because of the low price we are charging for your site submission we will only accept checks or money orders at this time. When we receive your check in the mail we will post your site to the search engines for you. We will than email you a copy of the sites which were posted to. You may look at an example of this site submission results now if you wish. This was an html return generated for our company 2 months ago,notice how at that time there were only 378 sites on the list. We also can generate a text based return if you prefer. This was generated very recently and shows the new 562 total search engines.

  You have the options of picking your own keywords or phrases for the search engines. Please keep the phrases short and complete,you dont want a long sentence for a keyword that will only be cropped by the search engine database! Also keep your description for your company fairly short as well,around 1 short paragraph description. Many search engines will not accept long descriptions and again will crop the description for you,generally to your disadvantage!! Please select which type of results you wish mailed to you, html display or text based display,or both. The Html display looks prettier but does not contain any more information then the text display.

  We will review the form you fill out and any obvious mistakes we will correct for you,however we cannot be responsible for any success you have or increased traffic from the search engines,and also please understand if you make a mistake in filling out the form we will have no way of knowing this. If you type the wrong URL for your company or the wrong email address we will not know and the submission will go thru with the mistake. We will review the form you fill out and any obvious mistakes we will correct for you.

  Please mail your check or money order to:

Kerry Barlow
c/o Donald Barlow
P.O. Box 21
Kirkwood NY

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