Col. David Ireland
Commander, 137th NYVI


Imagine The Following...

ou have sworn to defend the sovereignty and integrity of the United States of America. You are on a crusade to destroy the infernal institution of slavery once and for all. Facing you, however, are desperate Confederate rebels who believe they are justly defending their homeland. You feel a chill run down your spine as you see the ragged ranks of rebels come into view and hear the feared rebel yell. You steel your nerves and remain firm in your position, knowing that you can depend on the .58 caliber musket in your hands and the loyal comrades in the 137th New York Volunteer Infantry at your side.

The 137th New York Volunteer Infantry, Company F, is an American Civil War reenacting unit based in the Binghamton, NY area. We are a family-oriented group and are associated with the Living History Guild. While currently small in numbers, we make up in enthusiasm what we lack in size. Our goal is to honor the memory of the brave men of the 137th NYVI who fought and died in defense of the Union.

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For more information on the 137th N.Y. Reenacting Unit, email Brian Swartz, Sergeant of Co. F.


Broome County Civil War Units

John Farrington's Regimental History

George Green at Culp's Hill

David Ireland

David Ireland's Story - by Brian Swartz

The Letters of Charles Engle

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Blockade Runner

Orchard Hill Sutlery

C & C Sutlery

R & K Sutlery

Cabela's Outfitters - Muskets

RACW Sutlery Page

Grand Illusions

The Regimental Quartermaster

James Country Mercantile

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Ten Tips for Reenactors

Camp Chase Gazzette

Civil War Recipes

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Matthew Brady Portraits

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107th NYVI Memorial Regiment

Tim Traver's Homepage

59th Ohio Volunteer Infantry

137th NYVI Company A (N-SSA Team)

Scots in the Civil War

76th New York State Volunteers

56th NYVI - "The Tenth Legion"

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137th Photo Collection
Old Mill Village
Hiawatha Island
Liberty NY
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Informative articles

The following links will give new recruits more information on various aspects of reenacting, as well as HOW-TO articles on making their own camp equipment.
Hardtack Beef Jerky Shelter Halves
Ground Cloth's & Poncho Check List Military Camping
Gun Commands Marching Battle
Paper Cartridges The 1st event -or-
What to expect.
Womans Period Clothing. Musicians. Civilian Camps
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